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Introduction to Dean’s Office

Dean’s office is the administrative unit to implement WNU’s teaching management. Its work is to fulfill the fundamental teaching construction, such as the teaching plan management, teaching operation management, teaching quality and accreditation, admission, management of disciplines, courses and textbooks, practice teaching base, teaching management system. Its basic goals are to study the teaching and management regulations, innovate the teaching management, promote the teaching management quality, construct the stable teaching order, guarantee the teaching to operate normally, design the admission plan, carry out the admission plan, and research, organize and implement the teaching reform. Now there are 15 members, including 4 advanced professional experts, 7 intermediate experts. There are 5 sections, including Teaching Affair Office, Teaching Office, Experiment and Practice Management Office, Teaching Material Supply Office and Admission Office. The duty is the following:
1 To plan and improve the teaching management regulations, to regulate macro-control and manage the goals, and to implement the scientific, standard and modern teaching management.
2 To make a long-term, medium-term, and short-term plans with a proper goal, a concrete task and relevant measures.
3 To organize the teaching arrangement of all courses, course construction and professional teaching, to be responsible for the requirements and principles of professional teaching plan and to guide the frame work (revision) of the course teaching syllables and teaching documents.
4 To be responsible for organization of courses, disciplines, the course construction and teaching research, organization of teaching contest and teaching reform observation, coordinate the extracurricular activities related to the teaching, conclude and spread the teaching experiment, and select and recommend the excellent teaching achievements.
5 To implement the teaching plans and regulate the teaching resources, and coordinate some problems in teaching.
6 To coordinate the daily work of supervision and the management of teaching student-controller, organize the teaching inspection and teaching supervision.
7 To be on duty of the teaching affair management, student-record management, distribute the diploma and degree certificate.
8 To be in charge of admission and external propaganda work concerned.
9 To get the teaching material construction done well to guarantee the supply of teaching materials.
10 To carry on the teaching operation management, implement the teaching links and organization and management of daily teaching, timely deal with the problems and accidents in teaching.